Eirini Kanellou, PhDc

PhD Candidate
in Laboratory of Inorganic Materials Technology
Lab: Δ.409
(+30) 210 772 3164

Eirini Kanellou has graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a B.Sc. in Chemistry, and received the M.Sc. Materials Science and Technology from National Technical University of Athens. Her PhD thesis is currently under Assistant Prof. A. Zorpas (O.U.C.) and the co-supervision Prof. Chr. Argirusis (LIMT/NTUA). The research is focused on the synthesis of nanoparticles via sonochemistry, along with a comparison with conventional methods. Various metals and metal oxides were combined, while the effects of ultrasounds are examined during their preparation. The nanoparticles are tested for their photocatalytic and catalytic activity on different chemical reactions. Her scientific impact counters 1 book chapter, 2 participation in international and 2 in national conferences. Her research interests are photocatalysis, sonochemistry, nanomaterials and composites (synthesis, properties and applications).