Maria Mechili, PhDc

PhD Candidate
in Laboratory of Inorganic Materials Technology
Lab: Δ.409
(+30) 210 772 3245

Maria Mechili acquired her Diploma in Chemical Engineering at the National University of Athens (NTUA). During her Diploma Thesis, she focused on Battery Characterisation Methods and Electrocatalysts as Cathode materials for Zinc-Air Batteries. During her Ph.D., under the supervision of Professor Chr. Argirusis, is researching electrocatalysts for electrochemical CO2 conversion into value-added products. Her research interests cover homogeneous and heterogeneous (electro)catalysis, battery testing methods and novel synthesis routes of nanomaterials e.g. electrospinning. She counters 1 book chapter and 1 journal publication.

[1] M. Mechili, C. Vaitsis, N. Argirusis, P.K. Pandis, G. Sourkouni, C. Argirusis, Research progress in transition metal oxide based bifunctional electrocatalysts for aqueous electrically rechargeable zinc-air batteries, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 156 (2022) 111970.

[2] Christos Vaitsis, Maria Mechili, Nikolaos Argirusis, Eirini Kanellou, Pavlos K. Pandis, Georgia Sourkouni, Antonis Zorpas, C. Argirusis, Ultrasound-Assisted Preparation Methods of Nanoparticles for Energy-Related Applications, Nanotechnology and the Environment, IntechOpen 2020.